Children's Ministries 

There is nothing more important than having your child in church from the time they can open their eyes. They soak up everything like a sponge.  It is always amazing to realize what a child learns by watching, listening and singing with the adults they are surrounded by.

“This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...”                                                                                               

That is a good reason to have our young ones in a Christian classroom setting learning Bible stories and songs that teach all about how Jesus loves them and how he gave his life on Calvary for them. Educating them of their need for a risen Saviour! How innocent and accepting of Jesus they truly are!

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so...”


Children's Sunday school     10am *postponed due to pandemic*

This is fast, this is fun, this is busy and to a child this is where it's at! This is what life is all about mom and dad!  Have you ever known a child that did not want to go to Sunday School? Just ask them!  Without Sunday School your child may never know about Jesus or the eternal  life He offers. This world sure doesn’t want to tell them about Jesus, and to be honest parents, without Adult Sunday School, you may not be able to tell them about Jesus either. You need to know that Jesus loves you just as much as he does them.  Come to 10 AM Sunday School and face eternity with Jesus as a family – together!

Children's Church    11am

After Sunday school our young ones are welcome to come up to Worship service to sing a hymn of worship before being invited to the platform to sit on the steps with Pastor for the "Missionary Moment".  After that the children are dismissed to Children's Church where they have their own worship service designed to meet them where they are in their walk with Jesus.


Wednesday Night Master Club   7pm

The purpose of Master Club is to Evangelize, Disciple, Teach, Train, & Provide Opportunities for Children to Serve God Now

  • To Evangelize children by helping church leaders with the ideas, promotional tools, and effective ways of reaching children with the gospel.

  • To Disciple children includes teaching leaders what significant discipleship is, how to implement it in a practical way, and providing tools to get it done.

  • To Teach children God's Holy Word, carefully, both in lesson, memory, and in life style. Projects will motivate children to "live out" the truth that is taught. Leaders must role model their teaching and preaching.

  • To Train children how to serve the Lord, based upon their characteristics and their capabilities. The goal is to do now what the child is capable of doing, and to instill into them that the opportunities abound to serve the Lord in some ministry role as a lifetime pursuit.

  • To Provide Opportunities in the church for children to serve the Lord in a very meaningful way. To teach and encourage local leaders to train their children to function in some ministry. To provide multiple opportunities for those who are willing to serve.


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