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Adult Ministry

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Adult Ministries at Oxbow Lake

College and Career

Sundays at 10 AM

This class brings together our enthusiastic and energetic young people that are out of High school. Some are starting their college education whereas some are newly married, even beginning families.  As important as these things are, it is vitally important to have the strength and guidance of our heavenly father, both creating spiritual success as well as personal success in all of these important areas of life. Our young people not only enjoy this class together, delving deep into the truths of God's Word, but they also enjoy getting out and having fun fellowship, forgetting the stresses of everyday life.

HomeBuilders class

Sundays at 10 AM


This class exists for the individuals and couples trying to balance a career, raising children, and other daily stresses, and on Sunday morning enjoy our own little spot - with events, coffee, donuts and great fellowship. Bible teaching geared to build our faith and knowledge in the Word of God.  Never was there a more important time to apply the truths of God's word to our everyday walk, as there is now. This world wants to tear us down, but we are thankful that we have a place we can come to lift us up and light our way.

Heritage Class

Sundays at 10 AM

 For us “distinguished” folks there is the Heritage Class designed for those of us who tend to take things a little easier these days. We follow the motto “Not to work harder, but to work smarter. (And with a bit more wisdom!)”   We don't need all the hype and entertainment that so many look for, (although a group this size does tent to have it's class clown!) but our teacher (former Pastor) brings to the front many years of learning and wisdom, which has made him one of the best teachers this side of heaven. Be sure to attend and come expecting to be blessed!

Young at Heart

Sundays at 10 AM

Children think that they have the market cornered on “Fun”, but there is a group of us here at Oxbow Lake Baptist that take claim with that thought! 

“Young at heart” is a group of us slightly older folks that look at retirement as the opportunity to relax and have fun and great fellowship with each other. After a time of devotion and prayer, each month we travel to different destinations in search of entertainment, education and history – but most important is our search for the best buffet food bar our destination has to offer!

We enjoy our little excursions of excitement.  We have the opportunity to meet new people and sometimes we get to share a tract or tell someone about Jesus. Then we sit down to have a great meal and a few laughs.  Our fellowship and love for one another cannot be beat. 

Yes, the younger group may have a little less age than we do,  but with our keen experience and God’s help, we know how to have a good time! Besides, who said that Christians can’t have a good time!

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